Remix Station – iMOCA Gallery | October 22nd, 2016

Music is central to both Fountain Square and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. How can we tell the story of both communities by remixing memories and music?

The Remix Station is an interactive installation that takes the classic game Truth or Dare and uses it as a tool to connect communities and create a larger work of art.

People complete prompts at the Remix Station. Those who pick “truth” share a story. Those who pick “dare” remix a story that has already been shared. The Remix Station travels to different locations in Indianapolis. As more people participate, more stories are remixed and added on to and transformed. The goal is to connect contemporary and classical music, the Fountain Square community and the ISO community. If a person answers a “truth” at one location, it might be remixed or responded to at another. Every person who contributes becomes part of something larger.

The Remix Station is connected to the content in Remixed Vol. 1: Truth or Dare. If you want to listen to classical music and contemporary remixes, see musicians answering truths and artists completing dares, check out the playlist of videos and music.

If you’re interested in the Remix Station: Connecting Communities, it will be touring Indianapolis at different locations! Upcoming dates will be announced here and on social media as they are confirmed.

On October 22nd, the Remix Station traveled to the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA).


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