Answer one of these truths, scan it or take a picture, and send it to us!

The goal of the Remix Station is to connect different communities by collecting stories from different people. We’ve made this digital version of the game so that everyone has a chance to take part, and add their story to something bigger. We want to hear from you! Your stories will be featured on the website, or even taken to future Remix Stations. Choose one of the prompts below, complete it, and send it in!

  1. What part of the past are you willing to let go of?
  2. If you could remix part of your life, what would you do?
  3. When is the last time you felt like an outsider?
  4. What’s a piece of music that has been important to your life recently?
  5. What song/lyrics inspire you to be true to yourself?
  6. Tell us about a time a song inspired you to be courageous.
  7. What was one moment in your life where you had to step far outside your comfort zone? What song would you use as a soundtrack to that moment?
  8. Write down your favorite lyric(s), now write down what it means to you.

Please note that no identifying information will be kept with your submission! Additionally, by submitting a response you are giving us permission to post and use your story – which we will do with respect.