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Remixed Vol. 1 | Truth or Dare

Remix the Symphony has put together a playlist of music and videos that connect classical music with contemporary music. We’ve used the classic game Truth or Dare to tie it all together. Take a look at the rest of the videos we’ve made and check out the full playlist of songs at the bottom of the page. More songs and videos are on their way, so keep watching us here and on social media for all the latest updates about Remix the Symphony!

Story Behind the Song | Vivaldi Told by Pedro Fernandez

DARE: Is there any way to find something in common with the life of someone who lived hundreds of years ago? Pedro Fernandez, percussionist for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, tells the story of Antonio Vivaldi’s life… and adds his own commentary as well.

Song featured: Concerto No. 2 in G Minor, Op. 8, RV 315, “L’estate” by Antonio Vivaldi


Connecting to Classical | Jordan and Beethoven

TRUTH: Sometimes it’s difficult to connect to classical music because it feels like it was written so long ago that we can’t possibly relate to it or the context it was written in. So we asked our friend Jordan to answer some questions that connect Beethoven’s Fur Elise to her own life.

Song Featured: Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven, 1810

(Mostly) True History | Franz Joseph Haydn

DARE: Is it possible to treat a classical composer’s life like a comedy sketch? We asked our friends at BardFest to dramatize a few real moments from Joseph Haydn’s life, who lived in the 1700s. The result is mostly accurate and very ridiculous.

Song Featured: Trumpet Concerto in E flat by Franz Joseph Haydn, 1796

Musicians Remix Their Lives | The Indigos

TRUTH: Everyone has regrets, hopes, and things they wish they could change about their life. Members of The Indigos, an independent rock band, tell us what they would do if they could remix their life.

Song Featured: Concerto in G minor by Antonio Vivaldi, 1729