Pedro Fernandez is a percussionist with the ISO who has performed in Latin America, the United States, Spain, China, and Japan. As a professional musician and a world traveler, Pedro has an eclectic taste in music. He shared a playlist of classical and contemporary music that relate to each other. Did you know that Carlos Santana and Dave Matthews draw from Johannes Brahms?

What to Listen For:

Spain by Chick Corea is an awesome jazz track that draws from Spanish composer Joaquin Rodrigo’s Aranjuez Concerto. Listen to the Adagio movement to hear the similarities.

Johann Sebastian Bach’s famous Prelude and Fugue in C Minor inspired Paquito D’Rivera’s To Brenda With Love. Toward the end of D’Rivera’s song, you can even hear a direct quote.

Carlos Santana and Dave Matthews transposed Johannes Brahms’ third movement of his 3rd Symphony in their track Love of My Life.

Chopin’s Prelude No. 20 from 24 Preludes Op. 28 is quoted by Brazilian band Angra in their Visions Prelude. Listen to the first few seconds of Chopin, then switch to Angra – hear the similarity? Alfred Naranjo also quotes Chopin in Guajeando.