Remix Night With Cat Head Press

Friday, February 24th


Cat Head Press

2834 E Washington St

Indianapolis, IN 46201

RSVP here

Remix The Symphony is inviting artists of all disciplines and experience levels to a Remix Night at Cat Head Press: Printshop and Artist Cooperative. Remixing isn’t just limited to musicians – we want to see how artists reinterpret classical music in their own style.

Got the winter blues? Need to get out of the house? Want to vent? Create a collage, a print, a painting and enjoy a live DJ, food and drink with Cat Head Press.

Stay for fifteen minutes or the whole time, we want to provide some inspiration for your next project. We’ll provide materials – just bring yourself!

McKay Powers will provide a soundtrack that starts with pieces the ISO is playing in upcoming concerts, including Debussy, Shostakovich, and more. But as the night goes on, he’ll start incorporating some different interpretations of classical music. Who knows, maybe we’ll end the night with a dance party.

All artists have the opportunity to submit what they make during this event to the Remix the Symphony ‘zine, which will be distributed around Indy in March.

Use code REMIX50 for 50% off tickets to any classical concert at the ISO. Get tickets here.