During the second weekend of the ISO’s Music of the Earth Festival, Remix the Symphony traveled to the Hilbert Circle Theatre lobby to set up an interactive experience for audience members.

Because the ISO was playing “Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons,” which is a remix of the original piece, Remix the Symphony created an experience where the audience created their own remix.

Vivaldi wrote four sonnets to accompany the four movements he wrote for each season. Remix the Symphony invited audience members to choose a ribbon symbolizing their favorite season and hang it on a tree. Once they hung the ribbon, a random line from that season’s sonnet was added to a growing poem that was projected on the wall. By the time the concert was over, each audience had created poems that were around a hundred lines long each!

See how it worked.

Read the remixed poem the Friday audience created. https://codepen.io/Lumiras/full/OWmRBY/

Read the remixed poem the Saturday audience created. https://codepen.io/Lumiras/full/YNGmGb/